Hi Everyone,

As you may already know, the situation with the spread and mitigation of COVID-19 is quickly escalating within Canada, with school closures and travel restrictions increasing hourly across North America. Our government has advised that we all take efforts to curb the influence of the spread of this virus by practicing social distancing such as working from home or cancelling/postponing events and classes. We have a responsibility to our client’s, staff’s and community’s health to take these recommendations seriously, particularly given the compromised immune systems of some community members. For this reason, we have made the difficult decision to close Roots 2 Wings starting Monday, March 16th (tomorrow) for at least the next two weeks. We will continue to keep you updated to know when we will be reopening. We realize this will create a challenge for many families, but this is a time when we all have to work together to keep our most vulnerable safe. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jody and/or Gabrielle. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and we will keep you updated. Stay safe everyone!

**For our families connected to Roots 2 Wings, a reminder that we send updates and communicate through the HiMama app. **


During this closure, we have started our weekly Roots Social Zoom meetings with any Roots clients who would like to connect with friends and have some fun! To support our Program, there is a fee of $10/session. Please contact Jody or Gabrielle for more information if you would like to join!